A Day Late And A Buck Short

Surfs Up

During my times of surfing I have found lots of useful resources that I just felt the need to share.
Please report any broken links.

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Google Technology News A good place to start to see what is going on in the techology industry.
YCombinator - Hacker News This is an article sharing/rss feed site. I found some really good resources here. I also love the design.
Lobsters Yet another article sharing/rss feed site. More good resources and simple clean design.
Torrentfreak Torrentfreak is one of the finest sites for news regarding anything torrent related. This source is not censored.

Monoprice The best place to buy cables. Good price and good quality.
NewEgg This place has been around for a long time and you can often find great deals here.
Tiger Direct Another great stop to find all kinds of computer deals.
Frys Electronics Frys is a very large computer retailer that has been around before the website days. They normally have great deals.
Amazon Amazon seems to have almost everything and sometimes you can find a killer deal.

Search Engines
Duck Duck Go Does not have tracking on and does not save history (so they say)
RSS Search Engine Search for RSS Feeds

Hacking News
Cyber War News Good source to find who was hacked by who and what is currenlty out in the wild.

Hackers / Hacking Collectives / Hacking Groups
SoldierX Good resources and from what I have read they seem to be a decent collective.
Anonymous This is not the official site but it is a really good resource regarding the collectives current operations.
Peoples Liberation Front (PLF) A fairly large hacker collective.
LulzSec At one time this collective made hacking mainstream... Since then this domain was seized by the Department of Homeland Security.