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This is nothing more than a hobby.

During the days when I first used a computer it was only at school which I believe was an Apple II. Not to many kids had computers during this time and it was rare to find anyone that had one at home. I did have an IBM Personal System/2 which helped me build my love for computer technology. In 1995 I started to become really interested in computers when all the "cool kids" used to go outside and play Football. During this time AOL just released their version 2.0 and Windows 95 was the best operating system. Web Design was starting to become a big thing because everyone wanted one but not many people could make them.

Now I'm an active gamer, programmer, and web developer that still has a very strong passion in Information Technology. These days Information Technology is not only just a hobby anymore but also my career. I live, sleep, and dream about this industry and my mind never takes a break. If it was not for computers I couldn't even begin to think what I would have been doing instead.